What happened to David Cunliffe’s speech?

David Cunliffe gave what I thought was supposed to be a major speech last Saturday. It raised many important points looking ahead at the future of New Zealand. I thought it was a very good speech overall, but it has received scant coverage.

I posted the whole speech here: The Dolphin and the Dole Queue.

The Standard had posted a promo of the speech, and the contents of the speech were posted as a comment in that thread.

Cunliffe fan-boy and Auckland Labour official ‘mickysavage’ posted about it on his Waitakere blog: –Do we have to sacrifice our environment to save the economy? He was careful to share the Cunliffe limelight with David Shearer, after the last Cunliffe speech was seen as a leadership challenge by some.The New Lynn Labour website set up to promote Cunliffe seems to have been taken down.

The Labour Party approach to the speech was also very careful – deputy leader Grant Robertson attended the event where Cunliffe spoke.

Were Labour too careful?

The speech did turn up on the Labour Party website under ‘News‘, but you have to look hard for it, and it has been overshadowed by asset sales opposition. It doesn’t feature under ‘Top Stories’.

As mentioned it got a pre-speech post at The Standard but no dedicated post-speech followup as they normally would with anything significant for Labour.

The Labour MP blog Red Alert has had nothing on the speech – but it has managed two Curran posts on TVNZ 7, another too little, too late campaign.

The speech didn’t get media coverage. The timing was probably as bad as you could get for main stream media – Saturday afternoon. And it coincided with a period of major coverage of the final stage of the Mixed Ownership Model legislation. It’s difficult to know if Labour tried to promote it or not.

The only hit from a search for MSM coverage was in the NZ Herald, but that was just a minor mention in Bryce Edwards’ daily political roundup (on Monday).

Does Labour really rate The Dolphin and the Dole Queue as far less important than fighting a now lost battle on negative opposition?

That is perhaps a symptom of a major Labour malady.

Is vision is not as important as the same old failed tactics they keep repeating? That woukld be a shame, because i thought Cunliffe’s speech was a good discussion point for the future.

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  1. I asked on Twitter:
    @DavidCunliffeMP – what happened to your (very good) Dolphin/Dole Queue speech? Seems to have died and been buried.

    He responded: “fair bit of blog traffic. About right”.

    I think it deserves more than that.


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