Remarkable change in asset (MOM) bill coverage

After months of strident opposition to ‘asset sales” and the Mixed Ownership Model bill, and complaints that National haven’t presented their side of ther argument well, this weekend saw a significant change in media coverage.

The MOM bill completed it’s passage through parliament this week.

Today TV1’s Q+A had an interview with Bill English that covered MOM issues, and there was a separate interview:

With Mighty River Power about to go on the block we talk to Mark Lister, Head of Private Wealth Research at Craigs Investment Partners.

This looked quite favourably at the propsoects of investing in Mighty River Power, and the potential advantages for New Zealand’s capital markets.

And yesterday (and repeated this morning) on The Nation Rachel Smalley had a realistic and informative discussion on the proposed share floats, especially of Mighty River Power – but curiously this doesn’t feature on The Nation website.

(As at 11.00am Sunday 1 July)

Is the Dotcom item really the lead item from The Nation? Have asset part sales faded from publicn interest this quickly?


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