Blogs on hydrocarbons

On one blog we have the market approach to phasing off hydrocarbons:

Monbiot says peak oil predictions wrong

As the price of oil and petrol rises, it will both lead to investment in alternative technologies and lead to greater drilling in previously unprofitable areas.

And on another we have the green approach:

A rock and a hot place

If you accept climate change and that, therefore, we’ve got to stop using hydrocarbons, how can you then turn around and enthusiastically endorse the Government’s pro-drilling policies?

We can’t just stop using hydrocarbons (without severe adverse effects).

At the current dependence levels on hydrocarbons and at the current rate of moving to alternative energy sources phasing hydrocarbons out is going to take quite a while. So in the meantime we either have to buy hydrocarbons that are drilled elsewhere, or drill our own.

Have any realistic projections been done on phasing out hydrocarbons? How long will it take even with a concerted effort to move to alternative energies?

What can we afford to do?

And what can we not afford to not do?

If we just stop all drilling in New Zealand we will will just keep buying oil that’s been drilled elsewhere.

I guess it requires not thinking about it too hard.

I’m not sure the Greens have thought hard about all the practical options. But one thing that’s a no brainer is to invest more in energy saving. That will reward us in the long run.

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