What if the Waitangi tribunal…

…rejects the current claims? Would the Maori Council accept those rulings?

John Key has said that the Government could ignore the ruling of the Waitangi Tribunal. That’s correct, the tribunal has been ‘ignored’ before by government. As a NZ Herald editorial says:

It is well known the tribunal’s conclusions are non-binding…

But Key’s statement was seen as inflammatory. To an extent that’s correct, but there has been quite a bit of fanning of the flames – and throwing on petrol – by Key’s opponents.

But what’s the likely outcome of this claim?

The case brought to the tribunal by the Maori Council this week seems to assert not only a Treaty right to the water and riverbeds used by a hydro power plant, but also a right to keep the plant wholly in public ownership. The tribunal may be hard to convince on both counts, particularly the second.

Demands are being made that Key should respect Waitangi Tribunal and accept any ruling.

Would the Maori Council accept that ruling if it didn’t support their claims?


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  1. these are all crucial national security questions that have come up, asset sales, water rights etc. In that I mean we need to seriously think about these for our future; what we value, what we believe, will benefit us strategically in this crazy globalizing mad-hatter world of ours, of just about everything, from politics, economics, toothbrushes and toilet paper. The list goes on.


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