People power sold down the river?

The NZ Herald reports on Asset sales threat stirs first-time protester.

“This is the first protest I’ve ever been to. I’m here for all New Zealanders.”

Good on her for attending and feeling motivated enough, but she was there for herself, not for “all New Zealanders.”

“It’s pretty cool. I feel like I’m making a difference, instead of just staying home.”

If she felt good about “making a difference” then yeah, cool. But I wonder whether the time and energy spent on “we must do something” could find a better goal, one that was achievable and could make a significant difference.

The stark reality is that MOM share floats, or not, will make little difference overall. Anti asset sales has been sold to political consumerists who may think they’re momentarily loving it but smoothing a few wrinkles won’t turn the age old clock back.

The main motivation for anti asset sales seems to have been little more than a consolation campaign for those who lost the last election.

The election was last year.

Imagine if all the effort put into being anti was instead focussed on pro positive initiatives, like job generation.

The anti asset sales protests include claims of exercising people power, but it’s more like failed parties from the last election recruiting gullible people.

People power is where people gather in strength, not where politicians fool the weak in their futile folly.

If an enthusiasm for making our democracy and politics better could be generated then people power may be much better harnessed. At the moment it seems like it’s being sold down the river by politicians who are stuck in the past.

Edit: a comment in response:

Fighting the next election by campaigning early on last years election issues shows how visionless and bankrupt the left are. They even have to use tax payers money to get signitures for their referendum.

Each time the news show the assemblage using the same old worn banners with the same faces it gets more embarrassing.

A lot of energy going nowhere. They need to pick their battles more carefully or maybe this is all they have got.




  1. graeme

     /  July 15, 2012

    If my kiwisaver provider buys any of these shares I will be pulling out.

  2. Wahine

     /  July 15, 2012

    You white priks wont get nothing out of it, we own the water and the lands. Give it back thief.