Another unelected Maori trying to dictate

What’s in the water at the Waitangi Tribunal? Is it a tribunal, or an unelected Maori parliament?

Maori Council co-chairman Maanu Paul says the Maori Party’s supporters are now calling for an end to its relationship with National over the water issue.

‘Act like Maori’ – leaders to Maori Party

Maori leaders are speaking out against the Maori Party, with claims its co-leaders will not quit the Government because they have got no other jobs to go to.

A Waitangi Tribunal hearing into Maori ownership of water resources has heard evidence from iwi and hapu who are upset at the Prime Minister’s so-called dismissal of the hearing.

“They have nowhere else to go and so for them, their political life is almost at the O.K. Corral stage,” he says.

“In a Maori world, they should act like Maori – defend their mana, not the money.”

Maori Party MPs have been elected. By Maori voters. How many votes did Maanu Paul get?

Maybe he has been elected to the Maori Council. If so, who votes for that?  It’s not clear how the Maori Council Executive Committee is chosen, their website is very sparse.

The news reports says Maanu Paul is co-chairman, but that’s not what it says on their website. Maybe it’s out of date. It’s certainly incomplete.

Who is Maanu Paul speaking for? And with what mandate?

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