End of Life Choice bill (euthanasia)

Maryan Street (Labour list MP) has announced she is putting her End of Life Choice bill in the Members Bill ballot this week.

I have, after 6 months’ work, finished my End of Life Choice Bill. You can find it here.

I think the social conversation has moved on from the last time such a bill was debated in 2003 and lost 60-58. The two missing votes at that time were one abstention and one voted not lodged. So that was close.

I hope I have enough specificity and enough safeguards in place for people to support it this time. I am sure it can be improved.

I am equally sure that is time that we approached this issue with compassion and gave people the right to be as self-determining at their point of death as they have been in life. It would only apply to people who were of sound mind and suffered from a terminal illness, or an irreversible condition which made their life unbearable, in their own view.

It also provides for people to register End of Life Directives in the event that these situations occur and they are unable to communicate their wishes to receive life-ending medication.

Other features include:

  • the need for two medical practitioners to attest that the person is of sound mind, has the condition they say they have and have not been coerced into their decision;
  • the need for counselling and a period of reflection;
  • and a Review Body to examine the law after a period of time to ensure it is not being abused and is operating correctly.

Let me know your thoughts.
(Comments on Red Alert blog).

Discussion on this also on:

[This bill is an excellent example of an opposition MP putting their time to good use. Other opposition MPs could do less campaigning and more work developing bills that are important to constituents. – PG]

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  1. Bebe Love

     /  25th July 2012

    Given the inequities in our own health care system and the inadequacies of our care of those who are terminally ill, palliative care would be an even more likely casualty of euthanasia in this country. Euthanasia will become a way for all of us to ignore the genuine needs of terminally ill people

  2. Doc Martin

     /  25th July 2012

    We already have it in the form of the Liverpool Care Package where Medical Staff decide if it is time for you die.

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