Who thought they owned power assets?

I’ve never felt like I’ve owned any power assets.

I’ve driven past the Clyde and Roxburgh dams many times. I’ve worked in both locations (IT training). I never felt like I have any ownership stake in them, before or while they were a State Owned Asset, and obviously not after they were sold to private interests.

Every time I see a line of power pylons I see them as a blot on the landscape, and never as something I have any ownership of.

If I see a car wrapped around a power pole I never feel that it has anything to do with me.

I’m a consumer of power. Whoever I pay for the power I use is chosen based on price (mainly) and service may be a consideration. Who owns the generators, lines companies and retailers never enters my head.

So I’m really puzzled by people who claim ownership now. It seems to have become a bit of a common thing to do, alongside grizzling about not wanting to buy shares in what ‘they already own’.

When Mighty River Power is part floated on the share market I may buy some shares as an investment, depending on the price, then package and what I feel about earnings potential and asset growth.

I don’t care about claims of prior ownership, that means nothing to me.

Those who can’t buy shares or don’t want to buy shares will see no change. Unless they buy into the delusion that somehow they owned something and it’s been taken away from them.

A delusion promoted by opposition parties, who seem deluded in thinking that the more they oppose things the bigger they will be seen as opposition. But all I see is opponents opposing things, and misleading people to oppose with them.

When after the share shave been sold and people see that nothing has perceptibly changed, except for those that now have a different investment, will they go on to oppose something else with then opposition? Stuck in a negative cycle?

Or look for something positive to get in behind?

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