None of Dunedin Council’s fracking business!

Dunedin City Council has voted 7-6 to support calls for a moratorium on fracking.

DCC backs fracking moratorium

I think this is disgraceful from the council.

My complaint has nothing directly  to do with fracking,  that is properly under investigation by the Commision of the Environment.

But I have major concerns over why the Dunedin City Council is involving itself in national politics.

DCC has no expertise in drilling or fracking, and it has no direct interest in it. Dave Cull said in April: “It is Regional Councils that issue Resource Consents for activities that might include fracking.”

Cull also said:

Council had a presentation at Public Forum on the subject and as a result asked staff to produce a report covering known information.

That hasn’t been completed yet. Four Councils around the country have asked the government to put a moratorium in place on fracking while the Commissioner for the Environment conducts her enquiry.

The suggestion is that we also show support for a moratorium while that investigation is done.

So at the instigation of a very small pressure group the council uses city resources and council time to make symbolic votes and statements. There has been no public consulation that I’m aware of.

A DCC website search reverals…

Your search for fracking returned 0 results

…nothing – because it has nothing to do with them.

This appears to be a blatant abuse of local government and democracy. The council should act for and speak for the people of Dunedin, and should not be used for personal political purposes.

Who has driven this in council? Is it a case of the mayor using his position to promote his preferences in national political issues? The council is not for his use as a personal sopabox, it should be representing the people of Dunedin, on local government matters.

I’m calling on a moratorium on the mayor and the Dunedin City Council using city time and resources on something that is none of their fracking business.

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