Maggie Barry Standing Orders

NZ Herald cartoon.

After Maggie Barry’s “you can’t talk about policies regarding kids if you haven’t got any” implication in parliament there’s been a run of #maggiebarrystandingorders on Twitter:

  • Happy birthday @jacindaardern! Although it’s not MY birthday so I really shouldn’t comment…
  • only Maggie Barry may cite #maggiebarrystandingorders in the house
  • You can only talk about asset sales if you have three TradeMe stars or more.
  • Maggie Barry seems quite happy to talk about euthanasia. Maybe it’s a cry for help
  • Only MPs named Sarah can talk about CERA
  • MPs wanting to talk about taser will have to have been tased.
  • Maggie, I have 2 children so can talk about Paid Parental Leave twice as much.
  • No more references to Willie Apiata by MPs who haven’t rescued comrades under enemy fire
  • We can’t talk about #maggiebarrystandingorders because we’re not Maggie Barry
  • MPs wanting to talk about taser will have to have been tased.
  • You can’t make decisions about New Zealand unless you’ve never left the country.
  • No-one in National or ACT can talk about public transport
  • Under #maggiebarrystandingorders only Peter Dunne can speak on planking.
  • @DavidClarkNZ must be on the minimum wage to put forward a minimum wage bill
  • Louisa Wall must get married wage to put forward a marriage bill
  • Oh dear Maggie – should I say ‘stick to your knitting’. Oh I can I know a lot about knitting!
  • @TrevorMallard can only talk about bad MP behaviour if…ah, hang on…
  • Only John Key can speak on being gay for Brad Pitt
  • Mojo Mathers can’t vote for the Speaker
  • You can only attempt to bridge the gap between NZ and OZ if you’re actually a international bridge maker
  • MPs wanting to talk about benefit fraud will have to present evidence they’ve done so to the Speaker
  • Only Russel Norman can talk about Australia
  • I take it that under #maggiebarrystandingorders no heterosexual people will be able to talk about same-sex marriage?
  • The pedophilia debate gets very awkward
  • #maggiebarrystandingorders to cause massive difficulties for legislation relating to the fight club.
  • Only tautologies can be tautologies.
  • Sadly, under #maggiebarrystandingorders, as a woodwork teacher Gerry IS allowed to supervise the rebuild. Sorry, Christchurch
  • Only Lockwood Smith is allowed to discuss bills relating to children answering quiz questions.
  • Only MPs who have been charged can talk about crime, and only those imprisoned about prisons.
  • Only John Banks can talk about things he can’t recall doing.
  • Under #maggiebarrystandingorders would-be theocrats don’t get a say on secular rights and institutions.
  • If they don’t have a same sex partner they don’t get to comment on same sex relationships.
  • Given Maggie Barry lives in a townhouse can she have opinions on gardens?
  • @ColinCraigNZ cannot comment on what is and is not normal
  • How could Clayton Cosgrove campaign against asset sales when he’s never been an asset?

And some from Kiwiblog:

  • Only people who haven’t prioritised other things over having children, can criticise others for not prioritising children. Oh, wait…
  • Maggie has given up her right to comment on any mens issue, as presumably she doesn’t sport a penis.
  • I think its inappropriate for Maggie Barrie to comment on the Mondayisation of Anzac Day. Like she fought in it.
  • If you’ve never been elected you can’t be an MP. Oh wait…the List.
  • Given I have no convictions, I guess that rules me out making comment about David Bain then….
  • No atheist may comment about religion on Kiwiblog.
  • No MP is permitted to talk about Prostitution Reform unless they have sold out on their principles.
  • Only Maggie Barry and Russel Norman have the right to ban red hair.
  • No MP has the right to ban bible in schools as none of them read bibles at school.
  • If we followed this logic through, few Labour MPs would be able to comment on being gainfully employed.

More on this: from Toby Manhire at The Listener.

NZ Herald: Barry mocked for childless snipe

A look at Ms Barry’s speaking record in Parliament shows she does not always hold herself to the same standard she applied to Ms Ardern.

She has spoken about covered bonds, Treaty of Waitangi clauses, building regulations, the law of the sea and the domestic purposes benefit – with no suggestion of personal experience in those areas.

    • She spoke about graffiti in Hutt City, likening it to a dog marking its turf.
    • She also gave a speech about sewage disposal in Tauranga.
    • At a stretch, Ms Barry was possibly qualified to hold a view on Easter trading hours because gardening centres were one of the exceptions to trading rules.
    • The Aucklander also spoke about visitor levies at Stewart Island – saying she had been there once.
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  1. G

     /  27th July 2012

    I am now painfully aware that I should never have voted when I was first eligible since I had never voted before.

  1. Maggie Barry standing orders | Kiwiblog

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