Hakanoa: Parents can swap ginger children for ginger beer

Press Release – Hakanoa

They say children are a blessing, but it’s fair to say no parent sets out wanting a ginger child. So ginger beer maker Hakanoa has given those parents unfortunate enough to be cursed with ginger children the opportunity to swap them for something …Hakanoa gives parents the chance to swap their ginger children for ginger beer.

Disgraceful, disgusting, hard to think what more can be said about how inappropriate this is.

I think this is very offensive but may be biaased, I was a ginger kid, and a ginger adult until my colouring evolved with age.

But I feel for every ginger kid out there, and every parent of ginger kids, who will be hurt and offended by this.

And sadly this will probably fuel additional ginger bashing.

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  1. Quite bizzarre advertising!


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