The Colin Craig Craze

Colin Craig was interviewed (again) this morning, this time on The Nation. Not sure why he gets so much coverage for a non-politician, I guess money talks.

But in his case he’s talking all over the place, as one argument gets demolished (Louisa Walls was factual and forceful) he moves on to another.

This morning he ended up pleading for his last hope, a referendum. No chance of that either. That was after his crazy contradictions and fallacies being exposed. Like…

  • Marriage convention has changed quite a bit over the last few thousand years. It’s changed quite a bit in my lifetime.
  • Marriage equality won’t have any effect on most New Zealanders, and certainly not most as Craig claims.
  • “Most New Zealanders” appear to not support his arguments opposing marriage equality
  • There is no obvious facts to support Craig’s claim “most New Zealanders” want some mythical version of marriage entrenched.

And Craig is hypocritical on two counts when he criticises MPs for not coming out and clearly stating their position on the marriage equality bill.

  • Democracy – Craig wants a referendum but criticises MPs for not consulting and considering before stating their position.
  • Openness – Craig is critical of MPs for not being open while he continues to avoid and deny the relationship between religion and his positions.

Craig will continue to get media attention because he makes controversial stories.

That attention might shore up a bit of Conservative support but it will work against popular opinion, especially on fringe Christian opposed issues like marriage equality.

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