Clayton Cosgrove versus Louisa Wall

Both Labour MPs had bills drawn from the last Member’s ballot.

Clayton Cosgrove and his SOE Bill:

  • A fading old school politician with an entrenched adverserial approach
  • Inappropriate Member’s Bill
  • When it was drawn he launched a cranky attack on National including a ridiculous and unsupported accusation (National support would be essential to pass the bill)
  • Virtually ignored and forgotten
  • Absurd attempt to extend a failed election campaign and abuse the democratic process
  • Lost his Waimakariri electorate seat in the last election
  • Cosgrove is ranked 6 on the Labour front bench
  • His bill is doomed to failure

Louisa Wall and her Marriage Equality Bill

  • An inexperienced MP who seems to have grown into the job and has done well with a cooperative political approach
  • Ideal Member’s Bill
  • When it was drawn she set about positively building support from MPs of all parties
  • Getting a lot of attention and support
  • Groundbreaking social progress addressing
  • One her Manurewa electorate at the last election with an increased majority
  • Wall is ranked 29 by Labour
  • Her bill is very likely to succeed

Last election Cosgrove was 8 on the Labour list, Wall was initially ranked 43 but withdrew from the list and stood in the electorateb only.

Labour are currently rebuilding. It will be interesting to see what happens if the Labour lineup is reshuffled. It will also be interesting to see where Cosgrove and Wall are placed on the 2014 list.


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