Addressing disgraceful parliamentary behaviour

During a tetchy question time in parliament today the speaker, Lockwood Smith, said:

Question number five, Dr Russel Norman…


…Order! Now look, order. I apologise to Dr Russel Norman but the noise will…Order!…The house will settle down, this is absolutely disgraceful.

Members of the public watching this will email me this afternoon about how disgusted they are by some of the behaviour – it’s happened too often this week, I’ve had too many such communications this week, and I don’t like that reaction from the public.

[more shouting before Norman begins his question, and the circus continues…]

From what I (and obviously many others) have seen there should be more reaction from the public. Email Lockwood Smith and express your displeasure. Make it clear that the people of the country expect far better behaviour from our house of parliament, from our respresentatives.

It’s time for much more maturity and decency to shown. Party leaders should make it clear that their MPs have to set a far better example and be much more respectful of parliament.

It’s time for the disgrace to be dealt to.

This appears to be the email address to use to ask the Speaker to demand better behaviour:

I’ve emailed all MPs asking “Please describe in one word what you think of parliamentary behaviour generally”. So far:
  • Frustrating
  • Demeaning
  • Unproductive
  • Poor
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  1. Pete, I have sent an email of disapproval of members of Parliament behaviour to secretary for Speaker of House, Lockwood Smith. The immaturity of said individuals really disgusting.

    QUOTE: Sir,
    I strongly object to members of the House behaviour.
    We are at a critical juncture of time whereby solidity of consensus is needed on issues of a global nature that will have a impact domestically. The maturity of the elected to Parliament is quite disgusting, and I do urge you, Mr Speaker, to repel said immaturity. UNQUOTE

    • Good one.

      I’ve just emailed all MPs to ask them what they think of parliamentary behaviour. One response so far – ‘frustrating’. I suspect that there are positive MPs who get shouted down by a few main culprits. Party leaders and whips should be standing up too.

  2. mikey

     /  16th August 2012

    They started it.

  3. Kim C.

     /  16th August 2012

    Sir, I object to the immature and well paid for poor behaviour. I would like to pass on a reminder as elected representatives and supposed leaders in our country, whether we voted for them or not, we would like to think that supposed lead employees of this country care about nz enough to behave better than a teenage classroom having a food fight. Thank you – anonymous as i do not wish to have my private details revealed for showing dissent towards those elected into power who seem to have forgotten why they are there.

  4. Darryl

     /  17th August 2012

    The carry on in Parliament is an absolute disgrace. If you ask a question, why not have enough manners to listen to the answer. If you don’t want to listen, maybe you could take into consideration the folk that are watching you on TV. The Labour party in particular are the worst. Grow Up. Mr Lockwood Smith, kick them out, if they cannot act like adults, it is not supposed to be a circus.

  5. mikey

     /  17th August 2012

    Trevor Mallard should take them out into the corridor and beat some sense into them.

  1. Members of Parliament (Code of Ethical Conduct) Bill « Your NZ

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