The Standard labours lower

The left blogosphere continues to erupt, with the main vent being centred at The Standard. The hard core of Labour activists there have always been intolerant towards anyone from the centre or right, but the infighting to the left is now building up steam.

This post – Two little Pagis squeal and squeak – is a major turning on people within Labour. And here is an example of left versus left, sopmeone is attacked for daring to speak up agisnt the vitriol.


I am completely opposed to the kind of rhetoric, strategy and policy that the Paganis advocate. I think I’m probably on the hard left side of the Labour party tent. But seriously: “two little paggis?” This pretty much proves their point. Are you 12 years old?

bad12 24.1

Yeah right, children everyday go to school hungry, rheumatic fever is inflicting kids in swathes,in the far North and other hot-spots 3rd world diseases creep into the health statistics,

The Pagani’s advice to Labour Leader Shearer,( and i don’t discount that he possibly thinks this way anyway), is that the poor are undeserving and ripping off the system,

And YOU want us to play F**king nice, F**k you,

One of the Pagani’s at least has been openly slagging beneficiaries any chance She gets as well as openly slagging those who would stand up in support of those beneficiaries,

One of the J. Pagani’s is a public figure using the media to push the J. Pagani political message, that particular PIGani deserves every f**king slagging that PIGani f**king gets…

The problem with the blog has supported and encouraged excessive and nasty attacks on anyone deemed not onw of their own. The Standard has been well established. So now they are fighting amongst themselves the same substandard behaviour runs rampant. Not pretty.

This actually mirrors a similar problem with the Labour caucus. They have been in negative attack mode so much it has become entrenched with them. They don’t seem to know any other way.



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