Booze – our problems need our solutions

The Dominion Post has an editorial on alcohol law reform.

Bill won’t change our booze culture

The Alcohol Reform Bill is a tiny step towards addressing New Zealand’s binge-drinking problem. It will not end the disturbing attitude too many Kiwis have towards booze.

And they close with:

The reality is that while politicians can determine the law on where, when and by whom alcohol can be legally purchased and consumed, they cannot influence the most important issue – how. What is needed for that to occur is a culture change, something no legislation can provide.

I think they’re right.

We have a booze problem. Too many parts of our society, often our friends and family, have a booze problem. And we don’t do enough to address it.

Waiting for politicians to fix all our problems will fix little or nothing.

A culture change requires people within that culture to change, and to speak up for change.


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