Colin Craig’s evolving ‘choice’?

Colin Craig was recently quoted by TV3 as saying that being homosexual was a choice:

Mr Craig told 3 News that people choose to be gay rather than being born that way, many as a result of being abused as children.

He was so sure that homosexuality was a choice, he bet his own sexuality on it.

“Do you think you could choose to be gay if that is the case?,” he was asked.

“Sure. Sure I could,” he responded.

“You could choose to be gay?,” he was asked again.

“Yea, if I wanted to,’ he replied.

That led to a lot of discussion. The level of certainty there may or may not be TV3 accentuation. That led to a lot of discussion.

More recent were more quoted verbatim in Colin Craig sticking to the facts:

First Fact: I do hold the view, based on research, that adopting a gay lifestyle is a choice.

That’s different, it’s a choice of lifestyle rather than a choice of sexuality.

Third Fact: I have said that to believe that all gays were born that way is narrowminded and ignores the facts and research.

And that leaves the possibility open that some may be born that way, others may be influenced by life or can choose.

He also quotes researchers including:

Kirk and Madsen. (After the Ball [Book]) .. ‘‘..sexual orientation, for most humans, seems to be a product of a complex interaction between innate pre-dispositions and environmental factors during childhood and early adolescence.’’

Dr j de Cecco. If you seduce a straight person can you make then Gay? [Book]) ‘‘ ..scientific conclusion shows that life-long, exclusive homosexuality, as articulated by gay rhetoric, is more a statement about the culture in which it occurs than the essence of homosexuality.’’

Dr D Greenberg (The construction of Homosexuality [Book/Research]). Comment by Chicago University: ‘‘The idea of static homosexual orientation or essence simply does not hold up against the huge variety of homosexual, bisexual and heterosexual patterns.’’

This alludes to a lot more complexity and leaves the potential for variablity.

Some people can obviously swing both ways (bi-sexual) and some live life as a hetero and switch to homo.

But others including myself and I suspect most people are strongly hetero – I’ve never had any homo inclination. So presumably some who are homosexual are strongly that way.

So Craig could be partly right – but does it really matter how much is pre-disposition and how much is acquired through life experiences?

I’ve emailed Craig and asked:

There have been varying quotes of you saying that being homosexual or leading a homosexual lifestyle is a choice.

Have you seen any research on or considered whether it could be different for different people?

That perhaps some people without strong hetero or homosexual feelings could choose either way and switch, but that others may be too strong one way to consider the other as an option?

There’s three things I base this on:
1. I thought it’s a feasible possibility.
2. some people change, many people don’t.
3. I’m hetero and have never felt any inclination to try homo, the idea seems naturally repellant to me.

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