‘Incredible shift of wealth’ – Helen Kelly

Incredible shift of rhetoric – Helen Kelly.

The latest household incomes report from the Ministry of Social Development shows that inequality is at its highest ever level as low incomes decrease while high incomes increase.

Decreasing incomes are a real issue.

But Helen Kelly of the CTU overdoes the anti government ideological rhetoric:

Govt has caused ‘incredible shift of wealth’ – CTU

The Council of Trade Unions is pointing the finger at tax rates – changed by the National-led coalition – for the rising inequality.

“What the tax swindle did when the Government cut taxes to the highest income earners was massively translate income, there was this incredible shift of wealth and these figures show that it’s true, even though at the time the Government tried to deny it,” says president of the Council of Trade Unions Helen Kelly.

Ms Kelly says ordinary working people are being ignored by the Government, and the tax system needs rebalancing.

How tax is taken and distributed will always be argued. But taking less tax from some people is not a ‘shift of wealth’. And it was hard an ‘incredible’ change.

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  1. Darryl

     /  24th August 2012

    I wouldn’t trust Helen Kelly as far as I could throw her. Horrible lady.


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