Felix Marwick on the marriage equality bill

Reporting on the reporter – Felix Marwick is the chief political reporter for Newstalk ZB. Yesterday he tweeted…

Normally I don’t take sides on matters political. But I’ve decided to make an exception

…and linked to a statement on his views on the bill: Political Report: The many opinions on marriage inequality

After the bill passed it’s first reading Marwick commented:

Best quality debate I’ve seen in parly for a long time

Must admit the 78 was more than I’d expected. I thought low 70s might be possible. Worth getting out of the sickbed to watch

(The final vote was 80-40).

Conscience vote debates do tend to bring out the best in our MPs. Gives ppl a chance to gauge their character. Not so easy with party votes

It’s the first time I’ve watched a full bill debate. There were a number of excellent speeches, notably (for me) from Louisa Wall, Nikki Kaye and David Clark (my electorate MP in Dunedin North).

Parliament often (justifiably) gets criticised, but this was representative democracy at it’s best – that’s how it seemed to me, but I guess it helps that the speeches and the outcome fit my own views.

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  1. Darryl

     /  30th August 2012

    Democracy is what Winston Peters has spoken. Put this Bill to the people of NZ, and not the MP’s. A referendum is the right way to find out what WE want, and that is Democracy.


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