Alcohol reform – it’s up to all of us

The alcohol purchase age vote has supported the status quo, but there’s quite a bit to be done yet as the Alcohol Reform Bill continues to be debated by MPs through parliament.

It the meantime, here on the outside, we should be taking some responsibility for rampant alcohol abuse.

We can’t expect parliament nor MPs to fix society’s problems. They can legislate and coerce and police. But the fundamental change we need has to come from the cities, the suburbs, the regions, the countryside, countrywide.

We, that’s us generally, as individuals and families and commmunities, need to change some piss poor attititudes to getting pissed. When we accept that responsibility and speak up about it and show by example how to drink reasonably and responsibly.

It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get pissed still. But many of us can get less pissed, and get pissed less often. And if we do get pissed and make fools of ourselves then we need to look on ourselves as stupid pissheads.

Our piss poor culture will only change if we look at it differently and if we act differently. At least now we can’t fall back on punishing 18 and 19 year olds for the problems that many of us are a part of.

When many of us change the problems will be addressed.

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