Waitangi tribunal to recommend rain guages?

Will the Waitangi tribunal recommend everyone installs rain guages?

It would make rain royalties much easier to measure.

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  1. Yeah! that would be soooooo coooool !!! There would have to be GST added as well

  2. Steve W

     /  5th September 2012

    The way I see it, Maori opposed to asset sales are using the Treaty partnership to obstruct the sales. Their line of argument is that as long as water usage rights are entirely public property, then we all share in them…and they are happy with that arrangement. But once you try to (defacto) privatise a communal resource right, then they invoke their part of any ongoing relationship with the communal resource…and demand their share. Can that be quantified? Not at all easily….which is the whole point of the exercise. They don’t want the assets sold…..just as I do not want them sold. It just happens that they have a very powerful property right as the communal heirs (for that is how they “owned” things) of the signers of the Treaty and the property rights it enshrined. I don’t believe they seriously want money or shares. They just don’t want the assets 9and related resource access) privatised.

    I’m with them 100% on that. Go Treaty!


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