Addressing Clare Curran’s refusal to engage

Some people wonder how out of touch with the people Labour MPs are. Here’s an example – a very hypocritical example.

Clare Curran has been posting on Red Alert criticising Bill English’s availability to the public:

A message to Bill

Bill English, it appears many people in your electorate don’t want you to sell our assets. And how about being a bit more available to them!

How many electorates aren’t being well served by National MPs?

And how much direct constituency work they do and what options are open to constituents if they try to approach their local MP and are rebuffed, ignored or can’t make contact because it’s always closed.

After I commented Clare made some direct and indirect accusations – which are false.

I posted a comment and link to a response this morning, that comment appeared but soon disapeared.

I emailed Clare to explain and seek clarifiation and justification for her accusations. She replied, effectively saying she didn’t believe me.

And she said she would “not be engaging with you further.”

I posted a comment on Red Alert to explain my side of the story. This comment wasn’t accepted, it seems to have been automatically blocked. This is what I said.

I’ve exchanged emails with Clare trying to clarify accusations she made. She makes her own assumptions and simply refuses to believe me.

She closed with:
“Red Alert and Labour MPs on facebook and Twitter engage in real debates and conversations. But people who have malicious intent should not be tolerated by anyone on the internet.

Feel free to publish my comments as no doubt you will.

I shall not be engaging with you further.”

The irony in that is obvious, in a post accusing another MP of not being available.

I don’t believe her accusations (to me) are malicious, just poorly reasoned, and wrong. I don’t act maliciously, I often speak up against online maliciousness.

In a comment above Clare said “I’m worried that many electorates are not being well served. This post is not a stunt.”

The irony (and hypocrisy) is obvious, where she runs a campaign accusing another MP of not being available to the public but at the same time refuses to engage, and censors blog comments.

Labour MPs are being widely criticised for a lack of engagement with the public. For example, see the comments on a left wing blog, The Standard: What the polls are saying.

And Labour MPs, while actively criticisng other MPs and people, remain blind to their own disconnect with the real world, and the reasons for that.

That’s sad.

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