Harawira now denies calling MPs niggers

A change of tune from Hone:

Harawira denies calling MPs ‘n*****s’

By: Felix Marwick | Latest News | Thursday September 6 2012 16:13

Hone Harawira denies he called other Maori MPs ‘house niggers’.

The Mana Party leader let loose on his Facebook page over MP’s being told to stay away from a hui on water rights by the Prime Minister

Mr Harawira wrote Mr Key can tell his ‘little house niggers’ what to do but the rest of us ‘don’t give a shit for him or his opinions’.

But he now disputes the phrase was directed at other MPs saying journalists can’t make the assumption and name people that they think he is talking about.

Mr Harawira says he’s not going to play that game.

Instead he says his comment was a challenge to John Key.

It is well documented what he said on Facebook (now deleted) as quoted in the article and as recorded here: Hone Harawira’s nigger comment

Hone Harawira: Time John Key realised a few home truths like (1) he can tell his little house niggers what to do, but (2) the rest of us don’t give a shit for him or his opinions!

Yes, that is clearly directed at John Key (who also happens to be Member of Parliament and the Prime Minister).

But it clearly refers to “his little house niggers” – if that’s not referring to other MPs then Harawira is the one trying to play games.

And he has been reported saying:

“Mana Party leader Hone Harawira was talking about National’s Maori MPs when he referred to Prime Minister John Key’s “little house niggers”, he says.”

Ironic, Harawira accused certain MPs of being told what to do, who told him to backtrack on his comments?

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