‘No dole for people on the run’

Paula Bennette has just announced Benefits stopped for those with arrest warrants.  This is based on National’s election policy.

This is how it was described in National’s election material – Read our Election policy on Welfare obligations.

3. No dole for people on the run from Police

If someone is on the run from the Police, with a warrant out for their arrest, we will stop their benefit.

Taxpayers should not be paying people wanted by the Police to evade the law. Once the outstanding arrest warrant has been
cleared, benefit payments will resume, with no back pay.

This collaborative approach between Police and Work and Income will free up significant Police time and resources.

How it will work

Once a person suspected of committing a criminal offence has failed to appear before
Police, an arrest warrant might be issued.

If Police fail to locate a person subject to an arrest warrant, the Police could request Work and Income to start proceedings to
suspend the person’s benefit.

Work and Income will then write to the person, letting them know they have a week to deal with the outstanding warrant.

The person will have one week to come into Work and Income and show they have dealt with the warrant. If there is no contact from the person, Work and Income will suspend the person’s benefit.

Beneficiaries with children will receive 50 per cent of their benefit until they supply evidence to show they have dealt with the
outstanding warrant for their arrest.

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