Who’s water hui?

A ‘national’ water hui has been called for:

King Tuheitia has convened a national hui on water rights after the Government ruled out responding to a Waitangi Tribunal request for it to do so.

(Key Government won’t go to hui)

There has been controversy over whether Maori Party MPs would attend, mostly generated by Hone Harawira. But it seems like there was never any intent to invite them:

The hui will be held at the Turangawaewae Marae at Ngaruawahia next week and spokesman Tuku Morgan today said King Tuheitia never intended to invite the Government.

“This was always going to be our time. The Government have their own agenda. They have decided to be selective about who they talk to. The issue of water impacts on Maori across this country and it is not the sole prerogative of small cluster of iwi.”

(Hone Harawira launches N-bomb)

But it doesn’t sound like this hui is intended to be representative of ‘maori across the country’.

A number of Maori MPs from various parties had rung and indicated they would like to attend and the hui would welcome them, he said.

But  only some Maori MPs would be welcome. That means it isn’t a ‘national’ hui. And it contradicts a previous statement:

King Tuheitia spokesman Tuku Morgan today said next week’s hui would unite all Maori.

“This national summit is for everyone, to enable all Maori across the political landscape, across the tribal landscape, to come together so we can have a significant discussion about how we expect to resolve in a cohesive way, the issue of the ownership of water,” he told Radio New Zealand.

(National water rights hui called)

It certainly doesn’t seem to be uniting very well.

It seems more like a politically motivated, politically aligned hui that specificaly excludes some Maori (and all non-Maori who might also have an interest in water rights).

Is Hone Harawira pushing divisiveness on behalf of the organisers? Or is he trying his own Maori splitting agenda to suit his political purposes?

Why is King Tuheitia organising it as a national hui? He represents some Maori in one region –  “A number of tribes supported the movement, but it became centred on the Waikato region and people.”

National hui? Or one-sided political hooey?

Who’s water hui? Who’s water?

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