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Speaking from Russia a short time ago, Prime Minister John Key is unimpressed with comments made by Hone Harawira on Facebook.

The Prime Minister wants Hone Harawira to say sorry for using the ‘N word’ to describe Maori Party MPs.

Harawira owes Maori Party an apology – Key

The Prime Minister is calling comments made by Mana Party leader Hone Harawira about the Maori Party offensive.

Mr Harawira called the MPs John Keyâs house niggers on his Facebook page.

Speaking in Vladivostok, Mr Key says Mr Harawira’s latest outburst is wrong.

“Frankly, I find them offensive about my coalition partners. Secondly, I think New Zealanders would find that term offensive. And I know it’s Hone Harawira being Hone Harawira but frankly I think he owes them an apology.

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  1. This matter should now be handed to The Speaker of the House

  2. Darryl

     /  7th September 2012

    Agree with you Quentin.

  3. Here is my email to Mr Speaker:

    Mr Speaker,
    I wish to bring to your attention Hone Harawira’s “House Niggers” comment.

    This issue has gone viral over the Internet and has caused considerable, [possibly irreparable] damage to Maori/Pakeha relations as I too have been affected by his comments.

    I am rapidly losing respect for ALL Maori because of the few who decide to ‘decode’ for Maori, want to make comments like this without serious consideration for the consequence of their actions – and because of that – I absolutely hate this. I have till recently always respected Maori.

    As I believe this matter brings the House in disrepute, I would like to know if as Speaker of the House, you can publicly rebuke Hone Harawira, in terms of “conduct unbecoming of a parliamentarian”?

    This kind of behaviour of the Members recently, is now reaching beyond tolerance level.

    Thank you Sir.

    Quentin Todd



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