Who should Shearer turn to?

There are a number of reports that John Pagani has departed from the Labour leadership camp, where it’s thought he has been advising on strategy and contributing to speeches and newsletters. See Exit Pagani, pursued by a bear.

So it seems that he is stopping digging Labour into a bigger hole and is going to help mining companies dig holes.

Whale Oil ponders in Pagani Gone Drilling:

“Shearer is now a lonely, invisible man.  Who does he turn to?”

Turning to himself would be a good start. Speak for himself, be himself.

Parroting carefuly crafted banalities – which he did very poorly, suggesting his mind wasn’t on it and his heart wasn’t in it – didn’t turn on the target and turned off the base.

Shearer is probably the most non Labourised of the party’s MPs, he should use that as a strength. If it’s not too late.

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