Ngapuhi wind claim seems to be serious

Last week David Rankin said there would be Maori claims they should be paid wind royalties for wind power. This was questioned as a possible wind up – because it seemed so ludicrous – but apparently it’s serious.

Ngapuhi lodge claim over wind

Ngaphui have formally lodged a claim at the Waitangi Tribunal for commercial use of the wind.

Spokesperson David Rankin says the tribe is making a pre-emptive move before any wind farms are set up in Northland.

He says the wind can be classified as a protected ‘taonga’ – or treasure – and Maori should have a say in how it is used in commercial power generation.

“Like fish in the 1980s, and water more recently, wind will become a property right and its commercial use will be a tradable commodity,” says Mr Rankin.

He says non-commercial use of the wind will not be affected, and that any criticism of the claim is “flatulence”.

This is going to stretch Maori credibility even more. There is already widespread disquiet over some Maori water claims.
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  1. The fallout over this will be serious and I am deeply concerned –

    Why are we allowing these things to happen? – it’s not helping our future, it’s not putting more food on the table, or giving our kids an environment that can be deemed safe, secure and restful. It’s not expanding educational needs for children or curbing domestic violence, child pornography. It’s not giving our teens hope there is a job for them when they graduate University – even from Secondary School. It’s not helping the wage earner who need a higher hourly rate so that their monthly bills can be paid for – and be able to have a savings plan in place. It’s not helping Beneficiaries re-skill, find decent long term employment and it’s not helping decrease ” transport costs” being loaded onto food prices.

    It’s not helping ordinary New Zealanders respect each other – it’s dividing us even more. It’s not about moving forward TOGETHER – it’s about the arrogance to demand.

    And I am soooo very tired and disheartened by this latest move.


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