Response to ‘WAR ON THE POOR’

A comment worth repeating from Kiwiblog “Helping kids in need”:

  • RRM  Says:
    September 12th, 2012 at 1:18 pm

    How the hell does it help vulnerable children – if their (vulnerable) parents have their benefits cut?


    All this WAR ON THE POOR…

    Penny Bright – I have to ask – do you have to work at being such a complete fucking moron? Or are you just naturally gifted?

    It helps vulnerable children by compelling their parents to get them to ECE where they learn to become socialised in a class of other kids, which helps get them ready for learning at school.
    It helps them by compelling their parents to take them to get seen by a Doctor or a Plunket Nurse occasionally.

    No-one is going to cut the supply of free taxpayer money to ANY parents, UNLESS the parents choose not to meet a few basic obligations to care for their child, that any sensible parent would be doing anyway.

    This is not “war on the poor”… this is “war on crap parents who suck at what they do and need a kick up the arse.” I wish it well.

    ;-) Regards;


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