Greens have all the answers…

…except when you ask them questions?

Julie Anne Genter has a lot of answers when it comes to transport issues, but she tweeted on something outside her speciality yesterday:

perfect tory logic @chipmatthews cut benefits, drive people to more desperate measures –> more people for the prisons!

I asked:

Serious question Julie, how do you persuade more people to give their kids more healthcare and education? Benefit top-up?

She replied:

We as a society all stand to benefit from kids having the essentials. More focus on what works, not just punishing the poor.

I asked for details:

I agree, but how do you encourage the poor to do more for their kids? Agree sticks are a problem. What carrot would work?

No more tweets from Julie. Her battery must have run out. Or something.

All I’ve heard so far from Greens is they want to give poor people more money. As has been said elsewhere, it’s a lot more complicated than that.

Julie said “More focus on what works”. Yes, I agree, but what will work?

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  1. Darryl

     /  13th September 2012

    I have listened to JulieAnne Genter, and watched her on the Parliamentry channel, and all I see and hear is drama queen.


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