A Maori speaks on Maori, kings and things

From a comment on Kiwiblog:

Lloyd (39) Says:
September 20th, 2012 at 12:10 pm

If the so-called Maori king speaks, please note:
1) He is NOT the king of all Maori (and neither were any of his predecessors)
2) He is not offering a pan-Maori opinion
3) He is not the spokesman for all Maori

The same goes for David Rankin of Ngapuhi (the one who tried to claim the wind).

Ditto Margaret Mutu and other assorted self-appointed spokespeople.

Those who spew racist invective at any Maori pronouncement (especially some who react to this blog) should be aware that we do not speak with one voice, and nor do we want to.

Just because some nutbar jumps up and makes a stupid claim does not mean that we all espouse the same view.

In the same way, we do not assume that because you are of European descent, you are a clone of John Banks, Pastor Terry Jones (the guy who burnt the Koran), Stewart Murray Wilson or Ewan MacDonald. When I hear a European (yes, I use this to avoid offending those who don’t like ‘Pakeha’ as a title) speak, I do not automatically conflate them with the worst of the trash in my previous sentence. Do you?

The idiot outpourings of self-appointed speakers for so-called radicals embarass us as much as they embarass most of the rest of this country. However, when you react to demonise all Maori (and those who use the phrase ‘Hori’ in their invective are especially loathsome) for what some twat says, it undoes the good work so many of us are striving to do.

He ain’t my king, just as he ain’t yours.


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  1. This is an honest plea for sensibility and prudence. I agree with Lloyd and as I have said before often – those minority Maori who claim to be ‘representatives for all Maori’ are making me hate all Maori and I hate that. I grew up respecting Maori and will always but lately these so called representatives need be warned – you are making it worse for your people and New Zealanders.


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