Duncan Garner: destructive politics ‘age old strategy isn’t it?’

In a Live Chat I asked Duncan Garner:

Do you have any concern that the current Banks fiasco seems to be a result of a concerted Opposition attempt to disrupt and if possible destroy the Government?

He responded:

Duncan Garner:

I’m not concerned Pete, it’s politics, same as what Labour did to Tuku, the same as what the Nats did to Benson Pope, Field etc, they all do it … labour has clearly identified this as the Govt’s weak point .. like Clark’s defence of Peters … age old strategy isn’t it?

This is a very common response to the question.

Because it’s an age old strategy and the same as what they have all done, does it make it acceptable? I don’t think so.

Destructive, nasty, corrosive, contagious politics continues because it is allowed to continue, unquestioned and often aided and abetted by media. But that doesn’t make it right, nor does it make it good for our democracy.

Outside political circles there is widespread public disillusionment, even hatred, of excessive negative politics.

Will anyone in media or in parliament have the gumption to confront it and demand better standards of those who are supposed to be leaders?

Or just accept continued crap, and wallow in and wail about all the political shit fighting.

Destructive politics may be age old, but it doesn’t have to continue. And it won’t continue if we have enough decent MPs speaking up and standing up against it.

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  1. Darryl

     /  20th September 2012

    This is what puts me off Planet Labour. They spend Question time on the same subject day after day, even when they are getting no where. Lets face it the Banks story, has taken their mind of the Partial Asset Sales, to a degree. Labour are a party with no leadership and no answers for the economy. I find them boring and lacking in any professionalism. All they seem to want to do is attack, and look at how they can spend more money.

  2. robertguyton

     /  20th September 2012

    Darryl – I’m not a Labour supporter and have been appalled by some of their decisions and actions over the time I’ve been following politics, just as I’ve been appalled by decisions by National, but your comment that Labour has no answers for the economy, lack professionalism and only look for ways to spend more money, is lacking in any substance and nothing more that tribal yap 🙂

    • Darryl

       /  20th September 2012

      robertguyon, Tell me exactly your defination of tribal yap. Your remark is nothing more than attack, of someone else’s opinion, which is typical of the Labour party and how it retaliates. They have kept up their Tribal Yap, ever since the National party was voted in to government, they just can’t get it into the heads that people turn off from listening to crap. They have no leadership, and the front bench leaves a lot to be desired, they have NO substance, but TRIBAL YAP. All Labour can think of is TAX and SPEND. and encourage their core voters to rely on Welfare. Disgusting.

  3. robertguyton

     /  20th September 2012


  4. robertguyton

     /  20th September 2012

    Gee, Pete. You got a thrashing on Imperator Fish?
    Lawyers see straight through your obfuscation.

  5. robertguyton

     /  20th September 2012

    Darryl – using perjorative terms freely, as you do, signals the use of tribal yap. “Planet Labour” is the perfect example – you are simply borrowing a phrase constructed by your ‘tribe’ and intended to demean your opposition. “Typical of the Labour Party” you intone, yet I’m no Labour supporter – you’ve extrapolated without thinking, as tribal yappers do. You claim the Labour front bench has no substance, sorry, NO substance. Your claim has no depth or validity at all. You may dislike them, but your sweeping claims make you sound…silly. You’ve done nothing more than yap. Still, I’m guessing that you’re young and inexperienced. Why I bothered to comment about your yapping is a question I’ll ask myself when the sound of your yapping fades from my old ears (I’m purposefully winding you up, Darryl, don’t take it personally and don’t be upset if I don’t continue this ‘discussion’ – I’m flighty and just don’t care about your under-developed opinions).

    • Darryl

       /  21st September 2012

      LOL, I will say it again. The Labour Party have NO leadership and no substance.


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