Historic sex offenders – squirm

Another sick old man has been sentenced to ‘a life sentence’ in prison in another case of historic sexual abuse.

Eight years’ jail on historic sex charges

A Cromwell man has been sentenced to eight years in prison for raping and indecently assaulting a girl over a nine-year period 40 years ago.

Jack Robert Smith (75), formerly of Otematata and Twizel, was sentenced by Judge Phil Moran in the Dunedin District Court yesterday.

Judge Moran said Smith had committed a range of indecencies against the girl, known to him, from the time she was 8 until she was 17.

Another victim whose life has been severely impacted:

The impact was very significant, pervading her childhood. She was effectively treated like a “sex slave”.

This impacted severely on her mental, emotional and psychological health and it was ongoing.

Crown prosecutor Craig Power said the woman had suffered depression, self-esteem and anger issues and nightmares.

Another sexual predator who now happens to be old and frail:

There were no mitigating factors but he acknowledged Smith’s age, that he was in delicate health, having been treated successfully for bowel cancer and having urinary problems.

NO MITIGATING FACTORS. His current health is irrelevant.

Defence counsel John Westgate said Smith maintained his innocence and believed a long sentence would be a life sentence given his health issues.

No acceptance of wrong doing and he accepts no responsibility.

If it turns out to be ‘a life sentence’ then too bad – Smith has sentenced the victim to a very difficult life.

Cases like this are very sad. At least a conviction and punishment may help the victim a little.

And I hope all historic sexual predators squirm whenever they read of convictions like this.

They may still be arrogant and selfish enough to think there was nothing wrong with what they have done in the past, but I hope they are continually in fear of the police coming knocking on their door.

Of course they could do a semi decent thing and front up to police, and give their victims some belated relief from their ongoing anguish.

But this type of offensive arsehole is usually too selfish and gutless to do anything decent.

At least I hope they squirm whenever they see another historic offender held to account, convicted and punished. And keep sweating on every knock on the door, and every sight of police, and every thought of the despicable damage they have done.

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