David Shearer – bombs and bombed

David Shearer failed to impress in an interview yesterday on The Nation. It’s not just his opponents who are critical – there’s also a barrage of criticism from his own side of the spectrum.

Martin (‘Bomber”) Bradbury, a very vocal leftie posts on the Tumeke blog:

One thing you can say about Shearer’s interview on The Nation in the weekend, is that he is getting much better and manages only a few cringe worthy moments per interview. His previous media appearances, let’s be frank, have been woeful, but this weekend he didn’t hemorrhage all over the screen.

I was left wondering ‘if only John Hartevelt was this brave when asking questions of Joyce’ during this weeks show, but the moment of joy has to go to Alex Tarrant who fed Shearer Cunliffe’s words and Shearer walked into it by denying those words. It’s worth watching the entire thing just to see the look on Tarrent’s face while Shearer’s answer goes deeper and deeper.

Hey I said Shearer’s performance had gotten better, but from the point he was starting, staying clothed during the interview is a win.

Who needs political enemies when supposed friends are so scathing. And this isn’t isolated, as these comments at The Standard show:

29 September 2012 at 10:23 pm

the pink postman: Maybe it is more a case of utter desperation, trying to find any positive signs of competent, convincing leadership in David Shearer, that most here have. The criticism does not come easily, as most will be well aware that any alternative government will need a strong, capable Labour Party as being at least part of it. Traditionally one would have expected Labour to “lead” the opposition.

People are screaming out for a stronger leadership and clearer policies from within Labour, but to our greatest dismay, it is not coming forth sufficiently. To be “patient” and wait another year or so for Labour to sort itself out is just too much of an ask to put up with.

Sorry, I used to vote Labour, and I did vote for the local Labour candidate (who actually lost to a Nat one). But my vote was cast for the “lesser evil”. My party vote has gone to the Greens, but I expect them to deliver too, or else I may consider yet another alternative.

So do not blame people for “bagging” Shearer, they may have good reasons to ask questions and be critical.

29 September 2012 at 5:55 pm

Shearer, Wake the f*ck up!

30 September 2012 at 7:52 am

I hope the Labour Party members and caucus manages to come up with a better leader in the next few months. The left needs a more dynamic Labour leader right now. I’d prefer Cunliffe, but Robertson would also be better than Shearer, even though he leans too far to the right for my liking.

Unfortunately these are common sentiments, and they don’t seem to be improving.

David Shearer needs to find a way of sounding knowledgable and authoritative, and he needs to speak his own mind. His speaking has improved but his content sounds like hesitant parroting fed to him by his coaches.

Will Labour try to wobble on and just hope the wheels fall off National? Or will they try and win the next election with a leader that looks like a leader?

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