Transfer of poverty?

Now we have proposals for a transfer of poverty, from oldies to kids:

Cut super to save at-risk kids plea

Two of New Zealand’s top children’s doctors are proposing an increase in the state pension age to pay for more services to stop child abuse.

Paediatric Society president Dr Rosemary Marks and Starship hospital child protection clinical director Dr Patrick Kelly say raising the pension age could fund measures to tackle child poverty and improve health and education services for our youngest children, who are most at risk of abuse.


Universal allowance needed for children

Prof Boston says New Zealand is unusual as it is one of the only OECD countries to not provide some sort of universal family benefit.

“There’s a good case for having universal assistance and particularly for young children because we know that from a huge amount of evidence having a good start in life really matters,” he says.

The Government white paper on vulnerable children will be released tomorrow.
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  1. Darryl

     /  10th October 2012

    Tossing more money at these neglectful families, will not make any difference whatsoever.
    The powers that be seem to think handing out more money is the answer, I beg to differ.


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