Shearer’s credibility questioned

A post at The Standard on David Shearer’s risk:

Shooting the moon

Shearer has taken a risk that his own credibility will be tarnished if no proof emerges that Key was aware of the GCSB’s involvement in Dotcom spying from at least as early as February 29th. I hope they considered their options carefully and didn’t just jump on a rumour.

But I think this will play out OK for Shearer either way because

a) he hasn’t claimed that the tape definitely exists, only that sources in the GCSB claim it does

b) it can never be proven not to exist (contrast Goff on the SIS in both instances) and most importantly

But now (on Firstline) Shearer has gone further and suggested that the recording may have been erased by the GCSB.

Shearer claims GCSB wiped recordings of Key discussing Dotcom

Mr Shearer alleged to TV3’s Firstline that a number of GCSB staff had the video on their hard drives, but their hard drivers were removed and wiped by other GCSB staff.

That’s a serious accusation.

This raises a serious question about how Shearer could work with the GCSB in the future with any credibility. This is summed up in a Standard comment:


As the polls have improved and at least his radio responses have got less sloppy, I have been gradually warming to Shearer.

But James I think this is worse than you suggest.

Firstly if he becomes Prime Minister he will never be trusted by the security apparatus of New Zealand ever again. He has chosen to drive a wedge between the position of Prime Minister and the GCSB. Neither the SIS nor the GCSB will never forget that. He will have to figure out how to work against them.

And if he continues on this path, what will being in a government be like when those entities work secretly and deeply against him. Don’t think it likely? Just remember Norman Kirk.

Secondly there is no one around him holding him back from doing spectacularly dumb things. Not staff, not MPs. The whole beltway will have seen that. That lack of collective wisdom will play into a subtext with senior bureaucrats that a Labour-Green coalition will be naive, weak, and easily resisted by stronger-willed public servants.

Thirdly, even if Shearer knows someone who has such a recording, he shouldn’t use it. It’s kind of surprising for a guy who has been so close to security in international crisis-points that he is prepared to display his sources, when they are clearly so close to him.

And not surprisingly it hasn’t taken long for one of his sources to be revealed.

Labour’s GCSB leak revealed

The Labour Party’s GCSB leak has been revealed.

The partner of David Shearer’s chief spindoctor, former TVNZ political journalist Fran Mold, is a spy.

That’s where the party’s information has come from that when John Key was briefed at the GCSB in February, he spoke to the spies in a cafeteria.

It was actually as good as revealed by Whale Oil last night: Inquiry into GCSB needed

It looks like Shearer has seriously compromised himself with the GCSB over this. Over what? Whether John Key can remember a quip he may or may nor have made eight months ago.

Shearer seems to have been overwhelmed by a desire to win at any cost. And he may be about to find out the cost.

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  1. robertguyton

     /  12th October 2012

    Soooo…the issue isn’t John Key being shown to have been quite familiar with Kim Dotcom’s presence in NZ, to the extent of quipping about him to the spooks, despite his repeated claims that he ‘can’t remember’, but about Shearer.
    Odd, isn’t it.
    Not about the very strong likelihood that our Prime Minister has been misleading the country with his denials and ‘can’t remembers’, but instead about the leader of the Labour party.

    • Key: can’t remember if he made a quip eight months ago.

      Shearer: accusing the GCSB of deliberately deleting a recording he has no evidence of, chief spin doctor severely compromised, GCSB employees severely compromised, Labour having multiple ‘sources’ within the GCSB, impossible for Shearer to have any cedibility or trust in GCSB, Shearer saying it doesn’t matter if there’s a recording, all that matters is how Key responds to accusations.


  2. Stephen

     /  12th October 2012

    So, no proof that Mold’s boyfriend is even in GCSB. Nor any that he leaked it, just rumour and innuendo. Wonder who is pushing this line?

  3. robertguyton

     /  12th October 2012

    Time and time and time again, Key claims to have been oblivious to Dotcom and his presence here in NZ.
    Everyone else though, knew.

    Do you believe, Pete?

  4. Darryl

     /  13th October 2012

    David Shearer/Labour party, have NO credibilty. All I have seen from these clowns is there shoddy dirty politics, to descredit John Key. Shearer has proved what a bumbling fool he really is, whilst he has been telling the public, how he likes to be polite. Yeah right. Making accusations, that he can’t back up, is just plain crazy.


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