Labour tactic continued…

Labour seem to have settled on “Key didn’t deny it and can’t prove he didn’t say it” as their victory. They have abandoned the video non-evidence and are repeating and repeating Key’s reaction as being the problem (standard tactics as posted in Repeat of Labour’s dirty politics).

They are pushing this hard at The Standard, Anthony Robins in Shearer, Key, credibility

Video of Key’s first reaction here – “I don’t recall it”. Just like every other evasion Key has ever offered. What he didn’t say was – “That’s not possible, such a video couldn’t exist, because I has no knowledge of Kim Dotcom at that time”. Why the shifty tactics instead, do you think?

And endless Labour hack comments:

Te Reo Putake:
No, it’s not, Chris. Shearer has never made any claim that requires proof from him. He’s raised the possibility, but never outright claimed Key made a joke about Dotcom at the meeting. Key fell into the trap of giving subsatnce to the claim, then went into Bart Simpson mode.

But Key’s lame ham fisted and possum caught in the headlights performance when questioned by Patrick Gower really makes you think that he did talk about Dotcom that fateful day.

mickysavage …
If Shearer has no proof why didn’t Key rubbish the idea from the start? His initial response suggested that he believed he had talked about Dotcom.

mickysavage …
Um my (quite gentle) criticism is that it was a risky manoeuvre and the potential gains were not great. But it does appear to be successful.

It is a sign of Key’s ungainly slide from grace that he has handled this so poorly and it is a measure of deepening scepticism in Key that the focus is on him and not on Shearer.

I am in two minds about it. I do not think that it is a simple “Shearer has no proof therefore it did not happen” situation. It does however further damage Key in his most vulnerable area, his credibility.

The speculation about KeY’s involvement in the DotCom spying activities will coninue to swirl and stick to him and his immediate side-kick, Banks. All Shearer has to do is to keep up the chorus of “Show us the evidence, John, that demonstrates that you are an honest broker.” As there is no evidence available that KeY is an honest broker the hammering can and will continue despite the blusterings of Fran O’Shillavan,

Its not up to Shearer to provide anything, he could well be making that shit up.

The crux of the matter is Key not denying he said it because he hadnt heard of Dotcom.

If he was played a recording there is no doubt that a copy of the recording or a recording of Mr Shearer viewing/hearing the recording was taken at the time ( and if not why not ?)

Bottom line though is plausable deniability and Mr Key has zilch credit in that account

You can’t be serious Bm…. “show us the tape”!!1 That would qualify as the next best thing to an admission of guilt you can get…..

You know, people really aren’t that stupid not to recognize the actions of a guilty man playing the age old game of you can’t catch me, so it didn’t happen….

This isn’t a court of law, with a presumption of innocence and a need for evidence of facts. This is a court of opinion. And anyone who knows anything about human nature knows that in a dialogue like this:

A: You told a lie about X
B: I don’t remember, and anyway, prove it

… B has not come off better.

Whatever chris. If Key was as smart as you he could’ve denied it and then Shearer would be on the ropes where you want him.

But Key didn’t deny it. He could have done but he didn’t, and that’s where we are now.

It is politics not a court room.  There is never any right or wrong response to something except what works.

The only measure is what the public think.  And it seems that they are not as enamoured with Key baby as they used to be.

They seem to be saying that any tactics are ok, including making stories up about videos, as long as you get the desired result.

That’s dishonest. Disreputable. Disgraceful.

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  1. Darryl

     /  13th October 2012

    Just Shearer, trying to cover his own butt. Prove it Mr bungling Shearer. Labour are renowned for dirty politics. You made the accusation Shearer, now show us the evidence, and your source’s.

  2. Regarding the video in GCSB: There would be no way an employee would video an Intelligence Briefing. It is so unheard of. Spy agencies are spy agencies so to say there is a video of a briefing is just bulls*** Read: I am not that stupid.

    • There’s been some amazingly dumb claims about this supposed video – not the least from Shearer unfortunately, he’s dug himself a hole on this.

      • Like I have often said there is a serious lack of maturity in parliament – Surely one must know to how an Intel Agency works? To say there’s a video is a kindergarten stage mentality and publics are going to ask themselves “who to vote for 2014?”


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