“Mountain of persuasion” on boat people jail plan

National’s Nathan Guy is struggling to get support for his bill to lock up non-existent boat people. From Stuff:

Human Rights Watch refugee programme director Bill Frelick called the Immigration Amendment Bill a scare tactic rather than a rational plan, saying Guy’s belief the legislation sent a signal that queue-jumpers wouldn’t be tolerated was “fundamentally flawed”.

“First, there is no queue. And second, the legislation does punish people who might indeed have genuine claims for refugee status.”

The bill got past the first reading to committee stage but Guy doesn’t have sufficient support to get it past the second reading. He would need the support of either United Future’s Peter Dunne, or a New Zealand First or Maori Party MP.

United Future leader Peter Dunne has called the plans inhumane and said he would need a “mountain of persuasion” to change his mind.

The Maori Party still discussing the issue.

NZ First leader Winston Peters refusing to give any assurances.


Bill English has been using the “not a priority” excuse for dismissing  bills like Paid Parental Leave and dismissing discussion dealing with Super. They are both issues that deserve attention (Super demands attention).

So why are National promoting a bill that would draconally protect New Zedaland froma threat that doesn’t currently exist?

This bill should be well down the priority pecking order.

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