Shearer madness with MMP Member’s bill

TV3 reports Shearer accused of politicising MMP debate.

The Government’s seeking a political consensus on the issue after a review suggested a raft of changes, including lowering the party vote threshold.

But, Mr Shearer says Labour doesn’t trust the Government to make the changes and will instead put up its own member’s bill.

A member’s bill is a very strange way of approaching this. It’s hard to see it as anything other than a political pointscoring stunt punt, subject to the vagaries of the Member’s ballot.

Getting our MMP right – and agreed on by Parliament – is far more important than being used to try and be seen as opposing National.

By refusing to engage in consensus talks Shearer will ensure no consensus will be reached, which makes it more likely nothing will be changed.

That seems counterproductive (unless Shearer wants no change). And anti democratic. And dumb politics.

Shearer’s announcement: Labour to introduce MMP member’s bill

“This should not be a party-political issue.  I will be writing to the Prime Minister offering to work with the Government to see these changes put in place.

“But I am not prepared to sit back and wait and see if National will act on the Electoral Commission’s recommendations.  That’s why Labour will take the lead and put them in front of Parliament in the hope they can be implemented in time for the next election.

“We are asking other political parties to help us progress the Electoral Commission’s recommendations.  We would also be more than happy for National to pick up our member’s bill and take it forward as Government legislation,” says David Shearer.

So Shearer makes it a party political pointscoring football.

“Labour will take the lead” – by hoping the bill might some time in the future be drawn from the Member’s ballot, once he gets the bill into the ballot.

Politics by taking a punt.

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  1. Darryl

     /  November 7, 2012

    Just another dumb move by Shearer. What makes him think he is more trustworthy.