Leak of Shearer’s conference speech – gobsmacking

Shearer should march to the podium, tear up his speech, ignore the autocue, and say …

“Fuck it, let’s tell the truth. We’ve failed you for four years, and you’re frustrated with that failure, and so am I, and it’s time we faced up to it.

I’m tired of trying to say what somebody else in the caucus wants me to say, and then saying something different later, and ending up saying nothing and going nowhere, that’s not why I returned to this country and got into politics, so here’s what I really feel, and you can decide if you want to hear it, and if you don’t, get somebody else – but at least you’ll know where I stand …”

Well, that’s a ‘gobsmacked’ post at The Standard. He then shrank back into wishful thinking:

Obviously none of this will happen, because it would be bold and honest and make the best headlines Labour have had in years, and it would transform Shearer – and Labour – overnight.

I’ve been thinking something very similar myself. I’ve been wondering how to grab Shearer by the scruff of the neck, shake him and yell:

For gods’ sake man, ditch the slogan droning, be yourself, reveal the real you, show some heart and some passion!

But I think the gizzards have been sucked out of him by the perpetually failing party machine.

Shearer is like a failing Phill Goff on valium.

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  1. robertguyton

     /  November 10, 2012

    While Key is like Pinocchio on Prozac.