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The Standard has posted another David Shearer e-newsletter:

Shearer Says

Date published: 4:18 pm, November 9th, 2012

Unemployment – a National disgrace

They say there are lies, damn lies and statistics.

Well, sometimes statistics tell the truth. And sometimes that truth is damning.

There are now 175,000 people unemployed in New Zealand. The unemployment rate is 7.3%. That’s the highest it has been for 13 years – since the last time National was in Government.

Long-term joblessness is rising steadily. One in four young Kiwis aged 15-19 is unemployed. The Maori unemployment rate has topped 15%.

But these statistics – as ugly as they are – only tell half the story.  For every job lost there is a real person and a real family that has the ground cut out from under them.

Jobs matter, but this government doesn’t seem to care. How many more people will need to lose their jobs before John Key and Bill English admit their hands-off and hope economic policies are failing?

Every week I travel round the country and talk to people who are struggling to make ends meet. Every week more and more jobs are cut as manufacturers lose the battle with the high Kiwi dollar. Every week another thousand people give up on building a future in New Zealand and move across the Tasman.

New Zealanders deserve more from their government.  It is time for fresh ideas and real action. You can read my recent speech about Labour’s plan for jobs here.

Next weekend at Labour’s Annual Conference I will outline my vision for a very different type of government – a hands-on government that supports workers, families and businesses.

All the best,
David Shearer
Leader of the Labour Party

News in Brief

The report of the Royal Commission into the Pike River tragedy was hard-hitting and sobering.  It told a tale of failure across the board – from the company to the Department of Labour, and many others in-between.

But it also highlights more broadly the issue of worker safety.  New Zealand’s record of workplace accidents and deaths is shocking.  Kiwi workers are twice as likely to be injured on the job as they are in Australia, and six times as likely as those in the UK. The Government is simply not addressing this woeful record. Labour will fight to keep workers safe on the job, so they can return home to their families at the end of the day.

To say the reaction has been underwhelming is a gross exaggeration:

4 comments on “Shearer Says”

  1.  fisiani 1

    Please Please Don’t ask him to read it aloud! It would take ages.

  2.  gobsmacked 2

    Snapshot of New Zealand politics today …

    – Unemployment is higher than it ever was under Helen Clark

    – The Labour leader posts a message about this on the most visited left-leaning blog

    – In two hours, this attracts exactly one comment, from a John Key fan.

    – In those two hours, there have been nearly 100 comments on various other discussions, especially the thread about unemployment

    People care very much about unemployment. They don’t care at all what Shearer says. It really is that simple.

    The leader’s total irrelevance is no longer a joke. It’s pitiful. It’s painful.

    Please do the right thing, Labour, and do it soon. Please give us hope.

    •  felix 2.1

      “People care very much about unemployment. They don’t care at all what Shearer says. It really is that simple.”

      In a nutshell, yep.

      I haven’t bothered to read this one. Is he using QoT’s template?

  3.  Jim Nald 3

    ho hum

And that was from the Labour fan club of the blogosphere.

Can someone in Labour point out that the Emperor-in-waiting doesn’t need a tailor, he needs a de-design.

Please David Shearer tell me that this is the result of a repeat failure of a strategy team (nearly four years of the same old nobodies at home in the originality department).

If Shearer doesn’t re-invent himself as the real person he presumably once was before the Labour conference it may not be pretty.

Oh, by the way, there was one part of the newsletter that was fine if you could take some notice of yourself.

It is time for fresh ideas and real action.

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