The Left know better?

A comment by ‘Positan’ at Kiwiblog:

The Left is absolutely certain about several things.

1. that THEY know better than anyone else
2. that THEIR way is the only way
3. that the masses are just itching to support THEM
4. that whatever THEY propose will be good
5. that anyone who opposes THEM is a traitor or a subversive
6. that only THEY can provide good government

Their ongoing difficulty is that every one of them believes that his/her own views constitute the views of every other leftist, which is why there are so many factions and why Labour is always hell-bent on tearing itself to bits. Why they imagine they’re capable of government may be a mystery to most – but it’s irrelevant to this issue. They just want it because it’s there – and because THEY know better than the rest of us.

I don’t think this describes the whole Left – a lot of lefties are just people who lean that way. I have tended leftish and have mostly voted leftish (albeit with some preferences more to the right).

But I have seen the above atributes amongst a number of people in social media. It’s hard to know how prevalent it is but it’s certainly out there amongst left leaning activists and politicians (Green and Labour).

It’s not uncommon to see lefties claiming that those on the left know best, are more intelligent etc – but to be fair I’ve seen this from the right as well.

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