Bomber and climate bullshit

Martin Bradbury had a moan earlier this week about being ignored by MSM while The Standard got all the attention for Labour’s leadership coup cock-up.

Maybe his blatant bullshit (unless he just makes things up without knowing any facts) is one reason why the MSM doesn’t take what he says seriously. A comment at The Standard calls him on a porky:

Why is that Bomber thinks he can lie so openly and still taken seriously?
“The reason climate deniers like Slater and Farrar keep the spin lies going is because for them, it’s a cultural war. Slater and Farrar can not ever agree that human pollution is causing the planet to heat because it forces them to reflect upon the free market they slavishly worship.”

Ok…..What say you Farrar?
“…what my view is, that there is global warming, and human activity is causing it, but that the extent of the warming is debatable and not as large as originally projected.”

So Farrar may disagree with the extent but he quite clearly states he believes it is happening and that humans cause it.

Where is the integrity?

It doesn’t look like there was any attempt at integrity. Is that why Bomber isn’t taken very seriously? He has been dropped by both Radio NZ and Truth, possibly for this reason.

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