Richard Long’s parting shots – Dunne and Shearer

The last Richard Long column was in the Dominion post this week – Richard Long’s parting shots. This is the end of “40 years as reporter, political editor, editor and columnist.”

His final parting shots, on Peter Dunne…

I would be inclined, too, to draft in a Labour Party high-flier and UnitedFuture leader Peter Dunne. Over many years I have come to respect Mr Dunne for his independent stance on issues, thoroughly earning his title of Mr Sensible.

…and on David Shearer

And while we are about it, could Labour take it easy on leader David Shearer at their weekend conference. He’s got what the public relations people describe as the ideal “legend” to make an outstanding Labour leader. He’s also doing better than Helen Clark in Opposition: her polling was in margin-of-error territory. Give the man a break.

And after such a career Richard Long also deserves a (different sort of) break.

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