Richard Prosser on Greens, flax bicycles and stone tablets

NZ First MP Richard Prosser on twitter yesterday:

Richard Ivor Prosser ‏@Richard_Prosser

2.55 pm Green future = hand-woven flax bicycles and free-range lentil farming. All cultivation done by hand with wooden spades

2.58 pm Green future = no mining or manufacturing, so no computers or cellphones – back to the abacus and the pencil we go

3.00 pm Green future = carrier pigeons and stone tablets, except you won’t be allowed to quarry the stone – what a quandary

This was during question time in Parliament, about the same time Russel Norman was questioning Bill English (exact timing of questions is difficult to identify):

15.11.12 – Question 9: Dr Russel Norman to the Minister of Finance

Question: Does he agree with the Pure Advantage report released today that “green growth represents a huge opportunity for all Kiwis to prosper”; if so, what will he do to put New Zealand on a green growth pathway?
Winston Peters is known to be not very Green friendly. It looks like one of his fellow MPs is not a Green fan either.
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