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karol has posted a comment on A note to a media commentator at The Standard.

karol 3.1

Well said, js.  I like that this is a pretty safe forum and that the extreme kind of bigoted abuse seen on some right wing forums is not tolerated here.

I think karol probably believes this, but it is laughable.

I have seen abuse at The Standard on a par with abuse at ‘some right wing forums’. It has not only been tolerated, abusers are supported by Standard moderation practices.

At least right wing forums are an even playing field.

The Standard supports one-sided bullying and abuse by some commenters – and even by moderators, one of whom openly brags about being nasty. Attempted manipulation of commenter’s behaviour is also openly admitted – but that is also very one sided.

A circle of commenters have a free reign to be as abusive as they choose, never even warned, while others are banned for questioning that sort of behaviour.

karol – you might like your ‘safety’ at The Standard, you’re one of the privileged. But your blindness and silence on abuse that does occur supports that sort of behaviour. But maybe you feel you can’t speak up about it, in case you’re banned.

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