Shearer supporting February leadership vote?

A facebook page has been set up promoting a party wide Labour leadership vote in February:

February Democracy

We are New Zealand Labour Party members committed to a party wide, open and transparent leadership election in February 2013.

For our party to move forward, there must be a sense of justice. The kind of justice that comes when the members feel that their voice has been heard. Let us give the leader a strong mandate to take into the 2014 election. Support February Democracy.

It’s interesting to see that David Shearer has ‘Like’d this page.

I wonder if Shearer knows exactly what he’s supporting.

A Red Alert comment promoting it (indicating Shearer’s support) has also been allowed to stay on a Grant Robertson post  Annual Conference- It’s the constitution, it’s the vibe….

UPDATE: “The Team at February Democracy” (on Facebook) has advised:

I would like to confirm that at this stage David Shearer, nor any other MP, has ‘liked’ the page.


  1. salparadise2012

     /  November 26, 2012

    David Shearer hasn’t liked the page. All that indicates is that whoever runs the page has liked David Shearer’s Facebook page.

    • You may be right about what that indicates, but George has claimed that Shearer likes the page. I’ve messaged asking for confirmation of that, no reply yet.