The hero of the left, the Lynn Ranger

Imperator Fish is pleading for the blogging left We Need a Hero

The left has it’s barely masked doer of great, the Lynn Ranger.

The Lynn Ranger understands the very essence of blogs, the very essence of the internet. Code. He is a coding genius. He has already proven to be a an expert in the use of carefully coded pseudonyms, and he’s shown shear brilliance at coded coup posts.

He is the country’s expert on the world wild web. He has sulk in his veins.

And he understands the very essence of good old Labour. He has written code for the Messiah, Helen, who sent him Christmas cards in thanks.

So, the Lynn Ranger to the rescue.

And the Lynn Ranger is already on to the core task, to fight internet injustice before it has happened. He is probably busy writing the Silver Bullet as we read.

The Lynn Ranger outlined the mission to save the Left last night:

I’m going to have to help people to learn how to making any open-ended law like that proposed  ineffectual before it gets put before the house. On the way through, it will probably destroy our ability to cooperate with getting rid of some malefactors even if we wanted to do so.

I’m a programmer. It looks pretty simple avoid such a unlimited law in the classic internet style. Time for outlining some code.

This stuff can’t be made up.

Is that the sort of hero you wanted? Imperator, you could be his Fisho. All you have to do is keep praising him – “He so savvy”. And he will reply…

“Hi-yo, Shearer! Away!”

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