‘The Standard’ and ‘the MSM’

The Standard is a precious part of the political blogosphere, being by far the largest left wing forum in New Zealand. It provides a valuable outlet for many people and is a useful insight into the thinking of some parts of the political spectrum and the parties of the left.

But The Standard has another sort of prevalent preciousness. The authors and moderators can be oversensitive to anyone referring to ‘The Standard’ and anyone linking The Standard with the Labour Party. There’s an fresh example of this in today’s Open Mic when ‘Jenny’ commented:

A National Government led New Zealand has voted with the majority of the world in Legitimising the Palestinian cause.

Why has the Labour Leader been silent on this issue?

So far a fair question. Then…

Why when it has been carried in virtually every other media have there been no posts from The Standard authors on this historic UN vote?

Are the writers for The Standard and the Labour Party so sectarian that they won’t give credit to the government even when it is due?

Is this the reason for The Standard’s silence on this historic event?

If so then it shows why Labour is losing the people’s support. This sort of sectarian pettiness is just boring to most people.

A few generalisations for sure, but there are also clear references to “The Standard authors “, and “the writers for The Standard and the Labour Party” differentiates the two entities, it doesn’t speak of them as one. But author ‘karol’ responds with a standard sort of lecture.

Jenny, “The Standard” doesn’t decide to write or not to write on anything.  The Standard is not part of the Labour Party.  I have not party voted for Labour for a few elections. Each writer chooses what to write about when they have time.  There are many pressing issues relevant to left wing NZ’ers.

Of course celebrate the historic  decision.  You also should refresh you knowledge of the site policies.

That is a fairly standard reprimand, especially pointing to ‘the site policies’.

Attacking the blog site, or attributing a mind to a machine (ie talking about The Standard as if it had an opinion), or trying to imply that the computer that runs the site has some kind of mind control over authors and commentators is not allowed. 

Apart from being overly precious and pedantic there is some hypocrisy here, quickly illustrated by karol in a comment on the same thread:

“I almost commented that as well, but haven’t seen any MSM comment on how China voted.”

That’s exactly the same sort of generalisation as “The Standard’s silence “. And in a post yesterday, The political media and the blogs…

  • lprent (Standard sysop and chief moderator/humiliator) quotes Chris Trotter:
    – “the current behaviour of the “mainstream media” (MSM)”
    – “not abandoning the MSM
    – “That’s when the MSM should really begin to worry.”
    – “has crept into the MSM’s coverage of blogs”
    – “What if the MSM’s coverage…”
    – “some extremely disturbing questions about the credibility and trustworthiness of MSM journalism?”
  • lprent (Standard sysop and chief moderator/humiliator) says:
    – “a carefully constructed fiction of media and the beltway PR”
    – “the message that the media reported”.
    – “the modern news media in action”
  • Redlogix (Standard author and moderator) says in the first comment “I wonder exactly what the MSM response will be.”
  • karol (Standard author and current complainer) says “it can provide a corrective to the MSM’s abuse of their power”.

That’s just in one post. Plus a number of other commenters freely referred to ‘the media’ without censure.

If The Standard wants to be seen as a prominent player in the new media they will have to get used to be referred to as ‘The Standard’ (and they’re just a small part of a much wider blogosphere and social media).

But if anyone refers to ‘The Standard’, no matter how carefully, the weight of Standard authority jumps on it.

Another comment from lprent in that same posts:

  • “You really are a authoritarian loving dork aren’t you….”
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