Mojo Mathers on party pills and animal testing

Mojo Mathers has responded to emailed questions about the Green position on party pills and animal testing.

Do you think party pills should be proven safe before going on the market?

Yes, absolutely. We can’t have unsafe products on the shelf. But it’s obvious that the public are appalled to know that animals are to be subjected to considerable suffering to get these party drugs to market.

Do you think it’s more important to protect animals than allow the sale of party pills?

Yes, I do. But I really feel that the key issue is that there are non-animal options for safety testing and that all of Government needs to be aware that animal testing is a last resort, not a first one as was the case before we made this issue public. Dogs and other animals shouldn’t be made to suffer just so that we can get legal highs on store shelves.

Is some level of animal testing acceptable? If not and it rules out party pills because they can’t be adequately tested are you comfortable with this?

There are some situations where animal testing is required, but this is only in cases where it is endeavoured that no animal suffers as a result, and the study can show the potential for overwhelming benefit to animals or humans. Having every available party pill on the shelf is not an overwhelming benefit.

Please advise if they are your own views or official Green position.

These are both my views and the views of the Green Party.

You can see more about Green party policy here


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